Our Gradings

Comprehensive Grading System

Our company’s quality assured grading system from makes sure that our phones are graded carefully and our customers know what they’re buying.

All our phones are classified and categorized in 5 grades.

The following is the detailed documentation of our grading hierarchy and policies.

Our used phones are just tested and made sure they’re working perfectly fine. Used phones are NOT PROCESSED

Used Devices Category

U-A+ (Used A+)
Although these devices are categorized under the used ones, but they are as brand new as a freshly unboxed phone. They have no sign of use and are at the best of their quality.
U-A (Used A)
All the products that look slightly used but work just as brand new are made a part of this category.
U-B (Used B)
All the products that are categorized into “B” category have obvious signs of use however the device is not faulty. Obvious signs of use can be Dents / Scratches etc.
U-C (Used C)
All the products in this category look heavily used appearance wise however they are not faulty and work perfectly fine.

Our Refurbished phones are those which are first PROCESSED depending upon the needs and then GRADED accordingly

Refurbished Devices Category

R-A++ (Refurbished A++)
All products that have been refurbished to A++ are processed and are of top quality. These devices work perfectly fine and are at top of the class when it comes to appearance they are scratch less and brand new.

Our Refurbishment Process


Using our various sources around the globe, we buy our phones in bulk amount proving our consistent supply chain. With diversity in our purchases and follow up on latest technology trends, our standings in market are at the top.


Received devices are completely formatted as per R2 Standards. Our inspection team then pops in to classify the phones and serialized them accordingly. Phones are then carefully cleaned and minor repairs are made making the phones as good as new. The QA team then assures that each unit is working perfectly and needs our customer standards. The units are then carefully packaged and graded based upon several conditions.

Resale and Shipping

Once all the process and grading is complete, each device is kitted and packed (with accessories if required by the customer) and made ready to be shipped.

A Glimpse of our 15-Key Points Check


All our products are thoroughly checked in our specialized partnered facilities and abroad before they are offered to our customers. By buying a graded phone from our Organization, you acquired a controlled device and contribute to environmental protection.


Our collection channels provide us with used mobile phones.


Our testers carefully test each unit and then identify the problems/bugs.


The phones are completely wiped off of any data.


If needed each unit is then refurbished under strict conditions.


Every refurbished unit passes through the aforementioned 15 Points Check.


 After passing through the tests, final units are packaged according to the customers needs and then dispatched.


Below is the detailed illustration of all the stages, refurbishment process passes through.

1: Technical Inspection

2: Data Deletion

3: Battery Test

4: Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

5: Placed In Stock

6: Packaged

7: Ready For Shipment

8: Delivered

Outcomes of Refurbishment Process

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