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What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept bank wire transfer as regular means of payment from our clients. PayPal can be discussed as the means of payment for sample orders only and on case by case basis.

How will you ship and how long will delivery take?

We aim at sending your order within 48 working hours from the time your online order is confirmed and paid. After that, courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDx take around 72-96 hours to deliver the product to your office or warehouse.

What is a fully refurbished smartphone?

Our phones are fully functional and refurbished (if needed) that look and feel BRAND NEW.  All the customer facing parts, including the back cover, LCD glass, headphone and charging ports as well as volume and home buttons are replaced with NEW parts only if needed to bring out the full potential of the smartphone. We always use original LCDs and this is an important detail you should keep in mind and hence the final product is a top class device just like a new piece.

What happens at the customs when the parcel crosses my county’s border?

Once the parcel reaches warehouse of the respective courier company it will make its way to your doorstep from there. They take care of customs clearance procedures. If your country has VAT or considers mobile phones a dutiable type of goods, you will have to pay these fees to the courier company’s office (or on their website or in person at the local office) before the goods are delivered from the local DHL office in your town to you.

For example, in the U.S. there is no VAT or customs duties to be paid, whereas in India both are levied. Value of the invoice will determine the duties to be paid in India.

I want to make a claim under the warranty. How do I do this?

If your device stops working, it will be exchanged. To arrange for this, make a warranty claim by contacting our customer service by email. Details of the returns and exchange procedure will be sent to you.

Are the refurbished phones unlocked?

Yes, all refurbished smartphones sold are factory unlocked.

Are your mobile phones sold and boxed with accessories?

That totally depends upon the customer’s requirements. If in case the customer needs boxes and accessories we surely can provide them with whatever they need.

When will my payment be taken?

Your account will be debited as soon as your online order is confirmed.

How does the warranty work?

If in case, due to some reason the device you received is not working properly or as expected and is still under the 30-Day Warranty Period then just simply contact us through our website and we’ll guide you the further procedure.

How long do I have to cancel?

In accordance with legal provisions, you have 14 clear days from receiving your order to inform us that you want to cancel your purchase. After this time, you no longer have the option to cancel or be reimbursed for your order.

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